Ferre Blond

Ferre blond

The mild aftertaste of this full-flavored blond beer conjures up a convivial atmosphere and generous hospitality. Generosity is also a word that springs to mind when one looks into the meaning of Ferdinand Verbiest’s Chinese name, Nan Huairen, since this literally translates as “he who values goodness”. This tasty beer also symbolizes the connections and friendship achieved by Verbiest as a bridge-builder between East and West.

Ferre blond

Beer style: Blond, 6,9% alc.
Aroma: Slightly spicy, hoppy
Taste: Full-flavored blond beer with a mild bitterness, slightly hopped and with a mild aftertaste
Aftertaste: Soft bitter

EBC: 8 • EBU: 30

Wheat malt, Pils malt, Munich malt

Saaz, Cascade, Styrian Goldings

Ferre Tripel


12 x 33cl