The Flemish Jesuit missionary Ferdinand Verbiest, born in Pittem, is one of many people who left their mark on China’s history. In the 17th century he was known worldwide as an accomplished astronomer.

As artisanal brewery in Pittem we honour Ferdinand Verbiest and we would like to point out via our FERRE beers how important he was for the history of science and the prominent role he played in China’s history. We hope that more people will become acquainted with the inspiring story of Ferdinand Verbiest through our range of FERRE beers. This story teaches us that knowledge, energy, creativity, openness and the willingness to work together can lead to some great results. And these are precisely the qualities we try to capture in our FERRE beers.

Ferre triple

Beer style: Triple, 8,5% alc.
Aroma: Fruity, orange, mandarin, honey
Taste: White peach, citrus, fruity, coriander
Aftertaste: Soft bitter

Ferre blond

Beer style: Blond, 6,9% alc.
Aroma: Slightly spicy, hoppy
Taste: Full-flavored blond beer with a mild bitterness, slightly hopped and with a mild aftertaste
Aftertaste: Soft bitter

Ferre quad

Beer style: Quadrupel, amber, 10% alc.
Aroma: Apple, cinnamon, a light touch of liquorice, dried fruit and nuts
Taste: Malty first taste, followed by a hint of apple and cinnamon, then spiciness and the hot alcohol flavor and finally an almond-marzipan aftertaste
Aftertaste: Bitter

Ferre Wit bier

Ferre wit

Beer style: Wheat beer, 5,5% alc.
Aroma: Citrus and coriander
Taste: A fresh white beer with a clear citrus aroma generated by the presence of coriander and citrus hops.
Aftertaste: Citrus

Ferre IPA

Ferre ipa

Beer style: Double IPA, gold colored, 8% alc.
Aroma: Exotic fruit and citrus aromas
Taste: A gold colored beer, medium bitter with the aromas of 5 different hops from 3 different continents. Very fruity and exotic.
Aftertaste: Bitter

Ferre Rosé

Ferre rosé

Beer style: Fruit beer, 4.5% alc.
Aroma: Red fruit and strawberry
Taste: Full-bodied taste of fruits of the forest and cherries
Aftertaste: Sweet aftertaste

Ferre Quadrupel

Ferre oaked whisky

Beer style: Quadrupel, woud layered, whisky infused
Aroma: Caramel, wood and raisins
Taste: A mild, rounded taste with the typical maltiness of Ferre Quadruple and hints of wood and vanilla. The taste flows into a slight bitterness with whisky flavors. This is a beer to enjoy.
Aftertaste: Whisky, caramel