Ferre Tripel

Ferre Tripel

The fruity orange and mandarin aromas of this beer inevitably remind one of the Chinese mandarin tree and Mandarin, the language Ferdinand Verbiest had to learn even though he already spoke Dutch, French, Latin, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. The soft bitter aftertaste is almost a metaphor for life itself: we can only appreciate the sweetness of the honey if we are familiar with the sharpness of the vinegar too. Verbiest himself knew this only too well as even though he was extremely successful in so many areas, he nevertheless failed to convert any more Chinese people to Christianity.

Ferre Tripel

Beer style: Triple, 8,5% alc.
Aroma: Fruity, orange, mandarin, honey
Taste: White peach, citrus, fruity, coriander
Aftertaste: Soft bitter

EBC: 11 • EBU: 19

Wheat malt, Pils malt, Munich malt

East Kent Goldings, Cascade

Ferre Tripel


12 x 33cl

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