Ferre Wit bier

Ferre Wit

This wheat beer with citrus and coriander aromas symbolizes the same robustness and craftsmanship as used by Ferdinand Verbiest to come up with practical solutions for all the problems he was presented with. This beer is also a great thirst quencher after a hard day’s work on a hot summer’s day. We do not doubt that Verbiest would have enjoyed one of these beers after he had finished yet another challenging task set by the Chinese emperor, such as building canons which had not yet been invented.

Ferre Wit

Beer style: Wheat beer, 5,5% alc.
Aroma: Citrus and coriander
Taste: A fresh white beer with a clear citrus aroma generated by the presence of coriander and citrus hops.
Aftertaste: Citrus

EBC: 8 • EBU: 15

Wheat malt, Pils malt, Spelt

Saaz, Cascade

Ferre Wit


12 x 33cl