Ferre IPA

Ferre IPA

This gold colored beer in the Indian Pale Ale style with an exotic fruit aroma symbolizes the openness shown by Ferdinand Verbiest. Nowadays, most people agree that ‘cooperation is the new competition’ but Ferdinand Verbiest was already using that principle all those centuries ago. This beer contains 5 different hops from 3 different continents and can be considered to be as much a global citizen as Ferdinand Verbiest was four centuries ago.

Ferre IPA

Beer style: Double IPA, gold colored, 8% alc.
Aroma: Exotic fruit and citrus aromas
Taste: A gold colored beer, medium bitter with the aromas of 5 different hops from 3 different continents. Very fruity and exotic.
Aftertaste: Bitter

EBC: 8 • EBU: 30

Pils malt, Cara malt

Saaz, Cascade, Styrian Goldings, Citra en Sorachi Ace

Ferre IPA


12 x 33cl

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