Ferre Quad

Ferre quadrupel

The 10% alcohol percentage of this strong beer exemplifies the courage and perseverance of Ferdinand Verbiest, who had to ask repeatedly to be sent to China, who overcame many dangers and made an enormous effort to introduce Christianity to the country. The spiciness of this beer and the surprising almond-marzipan taste are just as extraordinary, diverse and adventurous as the areas in which Ferdinand Verbiest was active as a mathematician, astronomer, linguist, engineer and teacher.

Ferre quadrupel

Beer style: Quadrupel, woud layered, whisky infused
Aroma: Caramel, wood and raisins
Taste: A mild, rounded taste with the typical maltiness of Ferre Quadruple and hints of wood and vanilla. The taste flows into a slight bitterness with whisky flavors. This is a beer to enjoy.
Aftertaste: Whisky, caramel

EBC: 59 • EBU: 37

Cara malt, Pils malt

East Kent Goldings, Cascade


12 x 33cl